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Exhaust system repair

Ensure a quiet ride with a good exhaust system

Your car's exhaust is an important part of your vehicle's efficiency. A broken or old exhaust system can lead to lower fuel efficiency, obnoxious noise, and harmful emissions. If you notice excessive noise or need to fuel up more than normal, stop in to Silvino's Automotive Repair at 203 River Avenue in Lakewood and get the problem diagnosed.

Your exhaust is more than a muffler

  • Catalytic converter

  • Adapters

  • Gaskets

  • Clamps and hangers

  • Exhaust manifold

  • Mufflers

  • Exhaust pipes

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An updated exhaust system can greatly enhance your car's fuel efficiency. With the exhaust working properly, your car's engine can run more efficiently by lowering fuel consumption and saving you money.

Senior citizens and military members get 10% off on their repair service.

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Keep your car running efficiently

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